Wage Nannyism

by mbdil

I have a question for the minimum wage advocates – Let’s suppose I offer Bob four dollars per hour to answer phones for me, and he accepts. Where do you get the moral authority to say that this isn’t okay? I mean, it’s one thing to go to Bob and say, “Look, you really should hold out for more money or not work for him”, or to come to me and tell me I should pay Bob more and that you won’t buy stuff from me until I do, but it takes a special kind of jerk to prevent our arrangement altogether by force of law. You’d deprive Bob of a job he wants and deprive me of some extra productivity. You help neither of us, yet this is exactly what you’re pushing for with minimum wage laws. Why do you hate people and free will so much? Why can’t you let people make their own decisions? Go be a nanny for some orphans somewhere and let consenting adults live their lives as they choose.